Corporate Finance & Advisory Firm

The African continent is full of potential with some of the highest GDP growth in the world today, a rapidly growing middle class, rapid urbanization rate, and the youngest population on earth.

Gahigiro Capital is a corporate finance & advisory firm headquartered in Kigali- Rwanda, offering a variety of Corporate Finance & Advisory services to start-ups, or greenfield projects, to multinationals, or brownfield projects, operating across the sub-Saharan Africa continent.


Gahigiro Capital’s vision is to ensure the best companies/projects achieve their full potential and contribute toward the economic development of the continent. This is achieved by helping them access various forms of capital, optimize their corporate and capital structures, and by identifying value creating mergers & acquisition opportunities across the continent.


Centrally located in Rwanda and with a dynamic bilingual team, Gahigiro is uniquely placed to serve both Francophone & Anglophone African clients.


Gahigiro Capital mission is to contribute to the economic self- reliance of sub-Saharan African through its private sector, by fueling the growth of the private sector through Gahigiro’s various financial services.

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